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April 22


The March meeting will be live-streamed and NOT a gathering at the GAR Hall.

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Clara Barton and the Missing Soldier's Office

Carolyn Ivanoff

Miss Clara Barton was known as the Angel of the Battlefield for her service as a nurse and relief worker during the Civil War.  In March of 1865, with written permission from President Lincoln, Barton established the Missing Soldiers Office in her boarding house on 7th Street in Washington, D.C. As the Civil War was coming to a close, over 40 percent of the dead remained unidentified. Tens of thousands of grieving families did not know the fate of their loved ones. From the time she first went onto the battlefield Barton was acutely aware, and deeply concerned, for the fate of the men whom she cared for and their families. Her war time diaries are filled with the jotting of names, rank, regiments, and wounds these men suffered. Whenever she could, after their deaths she noted their burials, comrades, and family members. With the opening of the Missing Soldiers’ Office, Barton dedicated herself to the search for the missing and the identification of the dead. She financed this work from 1865 until 1868 by living frugally, lecturing about her war time experiences, and eventually received $15,000 from Congress. By time the office closed in 1868, Barton had worked herself into exhaustion. Before the advent of typewriters or computers, the office had published five separate rolls containing over 6,500 names. Her office had processed over 60,000 inquiries. More than 23,000 unknown dead had been identified, 13,000 at Andersonville alone. In 1868 Barton left for Europe to recover her health.  Upon her return to the United States Barton would dedicate herself to the founding of the American Red Cross and by the end of her life in 1912 her work would touch millions of lives around the world and continues to do so today.

Carolyn Ivanoff is a retired high school administrator and educator. She writes and speaks frequently on American history at local, state, and national venues. In 2003 Carolyn was named Civil War Trust's (now American Battlefield Trust) Teacher of the Year. In 2010, 2011 and 2013 her education programs received Awards of Merit from the Connecticut League of History Organizations. In 2016 Carolyn was honored by the Connecticut Council of Social Studies with the Bruce Fraser Friend of the Social Studies Award. In 2018-19 Carolyn served as project coordinator for the 17th Connecticut Flagpole preservation and rededication project on Barlow’s Knoll at Gettysburg National Military Park. This project was honored with a 2019 Award of Merit from CHLO for preservation. She is currently working on a manuscript of unpublished first-hand experiences by members of the 17th Connecticut Regiment at Gettysburg.

Our meetings are the Fourth Thursday of each month.

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Fred Hawthorne (5/22), Roger Heller (5/22), Michele Hessler, Abbie Hoffman, Peter Miele (5/21) , Bill Myers (5/21)
Board Member Ex Officio:
Larry Plymire, Past President: Lynn Heller (5/21)

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Plaque Committee:
Reviews and places plaques on buildings that existed during the Battle in Adams County. For information or an application, contact Deb Novotny.

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Review books for the Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable Book Award.

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Plan future trips for the members of the Civil War Roundtable.

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Save The Date 
Saturday, June 5, 2021*

Gettysburg Civil War Round Table Field Trip

Walk/Tour of "Lost Avenue"

Led by Dean Schultz

We are scheduled to depart from the Baker Farm on the Baltimore Pike at 9:30 AM on Saturday June 5, 2021. The tour will be over at approximately noon.

Attendees are asked to wear a mask.

This tour is for Members Only. There is no charge.

*The bus Field Trip to Harrisburg with Cooper Wingert has been canceled.


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Dear Members and Friends of the Civil War Round Table of Gettysburg,

I’ve been thinking on a line from a Tennessee Williams play. A character asks, “What’s the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?” This is the answer: “Just staying on it, I guess….” Maybe the same can be said for a cold covid winter: Just coping may be a victory of sorts. On the upside, I guess: It was so frigid and windy on January 28 that a lot of our members might not have come out for an in person gathering. As it was, the coronavirus-forced adaptation to livestreaming gave us the luxury of hearing Pete Miele’s excellent presentation from the warmth of our own homes, joined by viewers from upstate New York, Georgia, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, both Carolinas, Fall River, Massachusetts, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma and Missouri and Kansas, and across Pennsylvania. While many of those may have friends of Pete, it was still pretty neat.

That said, we’re anxious for the day we can resume meeting in person. The Board has set a goal of spending summer on the battlefield, with a September return to the G.A.R.. As previously noted, we will continue to livestream and archive our programs. Note also: We’ve cancelled the April bus trip to Harrisburg, but are looking at other field trip options.

Unlike last year, when the coronavirus threw our elections off-kilter, we’re going to stick with the timetable set forth in the by-laws: A nominations committee of Richard Mancini, Linda Seamon and Michele Hessler will present a slate for consideration in March with the election held in April. We’ll follow a process much like what we finally resorted to last fall—what amounted to an e-vote.

If we have your e-mail address, by now you’ve received multiple invitations to join our new group e-mail program through groups.io. So far, we have 125 “subscribers”—not that it costs anything. This is proving to be a very efficient way to communicate. If you aren’t receiving these mailings, but would like to, let me know via my personal e-mail: brdgettysburg@gmail.com.

It occurs to me that our February meeting will mark the one-year anniversary of our last gathering at the G.A.R. before the virus shut us down. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and support. Dave Diner tells me we’ve had a remarkable number of membership renewals. That means a lot. If you’ve not reupped, it would be a source of encouragement if you did. Of course, the greatest encouragement will be seeing your faces when we’re on the battlefield this summer.

While you’ll find everything you need to know about our February program elsewhere on this page, this may be worth noting: Gene Schmiel had originally been scheduled to address us in November 2019, but the meeting was cancelled on account of weather. That shouldn’t be an issue this time!

Bruce Davis


May 27
Sue Boardman
Snyder County Boys


June 24 (29)
Larry Korczyz
Chapman Biddle's Brigade


July 22 (29)
Terese Orr
Frances Irsch and the 45th NY


Aug 26 (31)
Stuart Dempsey
11th Corps topic (specific topic not chosen yet)


September 23
Zachery Fry
Politics in the Army of the Potomac


October 28
Bradley Gottfried
Point Lookout Prison


November 18
Scott Rosenau
Lincoln and the Founders of the Nation


December 2nd (Holiday Banquet)
Kevin Pawlak
Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation



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