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February 28, 2019



Dr. Peter Carmichael

How did Civil War soldiers endure the brutal and unpredictable existence of army life during the conflict? This question is at the heart of Peter S. Carmichael’s  presentation “The War for the Common Soldier.” Based on close examination of the letters and records left behind by individual soldiers from both the North and the South, Carmichael explores the totality of the Civil War experience - the marching, the fighting, the boredom, the idealism, the exhaustion, the punishments, and the frustrations of being away from families who often faced their own dire circumstances. Carmichael focuses not on what soldiers thought but rather how they thought. In doing so, he reveals how, to the shock of most men, well-established notions of duty or disobedience, morality or immorality, loyalty or disloyalty, and bravery or cowardice were blurred by war.

Peter S. Carmichael is the Fluhrer Professor of History and the Director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. After completing his doctorate at Penn State University under Dr. Gary W. Gallagher, Professor Carmichael went on to teach at Western Carolina University, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and West Virginia University. He is the author and editor of four books, including The Last Generation: Young Virginians in Peace, War, and Reunion, which was published by the University of North Carolina Press in 2005. He has also published a number of articles for both scholarly and popular journals, and he speaks frequently to general and scholarly audiences. Every June Professor Carmichael directs the Civil War Institute’s summer conference, which draws more than 300 attendees from across the country. More recently Professor Carmichael has appeared on the PBS Robert E. Lee documentary for the American Experience series and on the popular TV show Who Do You Think You Are. His lectures have also been covered by PCN and C-Span. His most recent book, The War for the Common Soldier, is now available. 

Pete enjoys watching Indiana sports, particularly the Pacers, Colts, and Hoosiers, and traveling to France. He lives in Gettysburg with his wife and twin daughters.

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Annual Spring Excursion 2019

The Battles of Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville

The Battles of Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville, Virginia were hree large cavalry actions that were part of the Gettysburg Campaign. Alde was fought on June 17, 1863, Middleburg on June 19, and Upperville on June 21. They would become one of the largest cavalry actions involving Jeb Stuart’s forces of the Confederate cavalry and Alfred Pleasanton’s title cavalry during the entire war.

The battles were fought because Robert E. Lee was moving into a second invasion of the North, leaving the Culpepper area with Gen. Ewell in the lead, followed by Gen. A.P. Hill who would be disen- gaging from the Fredericksburg. They crossed west of Culpepper, Chester Gap, and moved north, down the Valley to move across the Potomac with Gen. Longstreet’s Corps coming on the east side of the Blue Ridge Mountains and his corps was to cross at Ashby’s Gap and Snickersville Gap, both prominent gaps in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Union Gen. Joseph Hooker got word of the movement, Win- chester would fall on June 14 from Ewell’s 30,000 man corps and Washington became increasingly concerned as to what Lee’s inten- tions were going to be, and so word went out to the Federal cavalry to find out and bring back intelligence to matter what the cost might be.

Our guide will be Kevin Pawlak. the Director of Education for the Mosby Heritage Area Association and a Licensed Battlefield Guide at Antietam National
Battlefield. Kevin also sits on the Board of Directors of the Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association and the Save Historic Antietam Foundation. He is also on the advisory board of the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War at Shepherd University, his alma mater.

Registration flyers will be posted online on February 28th, or can be picked up at the monthly meeting in March or April. Sign up deadline is
the April Roundtable meeting (April 25th) unless the bus is full before that date.

Hello, Friends! Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are over, I find myself reflecting on our roundtable events in 2018. It was a very good year! Thanks to Roger Heller for providing so many amazing speakers and programs. He has worked hard all year and doesn’t let any detail go unfinished. All of the indoor presentations have been outstanding, and how about Scott Mingus’ April field trip to Hanover Junction an on to Wrightsville and Columbia! Do you remember the almost hidden Zion Hill Cemetery? Whatever we thought we knew we learned a heck of a lot more that day.

Thanks to Wayne Motts for stepping up at the last minute when our October speaker couldn’t make it. Our summer “on the field” tours were just wonderful, led by Jarrad Fuoss, Benjamin Neely, and Paul Shevchuk. The only bummer was that Mother Nature and her snow took over our November meeting with Gene Schmiel, but we had a fabulous Holiday Banquet with the one-and-only Carol Reardon as presenter. In Larry Plymire’s absence, Lynn announced that the recipient of the CWRT Gettysburg’s 2017 Book Award is Jeffrey Hunt for his book: Meade and Lee After Gettysburg. We are looking forward to what Roger has in store for us in 2019!

This year we made a donation of $500 to the GAR Hall for very needed window repair on this iconic & historic building. We also made a $500 donation to York History Center, and we donated $500.00 to The Adams County Historical Society earmarked for their capital campaign for a new home. Yay us!

Our roundtable was delighted to receive a very generous donation of $600.00 from “A friend of the Gettysburg Roundtable” to pay our rent for 2018! Thank you, thoughtful person!

We are a lucky bunch to have this roundtable filled to the brim with kind, cheerful, friendly, and really smart people! I am honored to have served as President for this fine, outstanding group of Gettysburg enthusiasts. Wishing you a joyous and healthy 2019!

- Lynn

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors.

Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits.

Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values.

Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”

– Gandhi


March 28
Meade and Lee After Gettysburg
Jeffrey Hunt


April 25
11th Corps at Gettysburg
Dr. James Pula


May 23
Meade's Decisions at Gettysburg
Dr. Richard Sommers


June 27
Tour of the GNMP Cannon Shop
Lucas Flickinger


July 25
The Battle of the Peach Orchard
James Hessler


August 22
East Cavalry Field
Chris Army


September 26
Thomas W. Colley's Civil War Experience in the 1st VA Cav.
Dr. Michael Shaffer


October 24
The Diary of LeRoy Wiley Gresham
Jan Croon


November 21
George Gordon Meade
Dr. Jennifer Murray


December 12
Members Holiday Party
The Park and It's History
Benjamin Dixon



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