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February 27


The Richmond Bread Riots

Dr. Ashley Luskey

On April 2, 1863, more than 300 armed women took to the streets of Richmond, VA shouting “Bread or blood!” On the surface, what became known as the Richmond Bread Riots was a protest over food shortages within the Confederate capital; however, a closer examination of the events and how bystanders both reacted to them in the moment and sought to represent them in the historical record reveals far deeper and more complex dynamics involving class, gender, and political critique. This talk will explore the events of that day through the words of those who lived them to help unpack one of the lesser talked about, but largest and deeply unsettling incidents of organized home front upheaval in the South during the Civil War.

ASHLEY WHITEHEAD LUSKEY is the Assistant Director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, where she works with Gettysburg College students on a variety of original research-based Civil War and public history projects, coordinates the annual CWI summer conference, and gives tours of the battlefield to visitors. She holds a PhD in nineteenth-century American history, with academic interests in the Civil War and Reconstruction, Southern history, cultural history, public history, and the intersection of history & memory. Prior to her arrival at CWI, Dr. Luskey worked for ten years with the National Park Service, including eight years as a park ranger and historian at Richmond National Battlefield Park. She has delivered numerous interpretive tours, lectures, and scholarly papers at educational institutions and public venues across the country, and has written articles on a variety of Civil War and public history-related topics for various magazines, journals, and blogs. Her most recent piece, a co-edited article entitled From Women’s History to Gender History: Revamping Interpretation at Richmond National Battlefield Park, was published in the June 2016 issue of Civil War History.

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Greetings to all...

I was, of course, extremely gratified at how well the Decem.er Holiday Event came off. We had an excellent turnout. Speaker Ben Dixon’s fast flowing fount of information made for a fascinating presentation on the evolution of our battlefield. As noted that evening, I am not a party-planner. This was a Lynn Heller production and I am happy to report she’s already signed on to give leadership to the celebration in 2020.

Speaking of Lynn, Ron Perisho passed along a Christmas card from the American Battlefield Trust featuring a Lynn Heller photo of the Virginia Monument in winter. Lynn’s ‘Gettysburg Expression’ is one of my favorite Facebook pages. The recognition from the Battlefield Trust is well deserved.

Speaking of photographs: Richard Lewis’ November presentation asked the question: As there was no uniformity to Confederate general’s uniforms, how is it their pictures all have them in what seems to be the same coat? I’ve been reading William C. Davis’ biography of John C. Breckenridge. As noted at the Holiday Event, fifty years previous, “Jack” Davis had addressed our group, his subject, the Vice President-turned-Confederate general. Whereas most of the commanders tried for some version of gray, Breckenridge “wore a uniform coat of dark blue ‘Kentucky jeans.” But Google “John C. Breckenridge” and there he is, in the same uniform Richard Lewis talked about. I won’t even try to go into Lewis’ exploration; suffice to say “The Curious Case of the Confederate Coat” was as quirky and delightful as it sounds.

I know some were frustrated, several months back, when one of our excellent speakers took us right up to our announced 8:30 time of adjournment, giving no opportunity for Q&A. Program Director Roger Heller advises our speakers that a 45 minute presentation is ideal. I have taken to rein.forcing that, explaining we’ll start precisely at 7:00, move the meeting along, so the presenters can begin no later than 7:25. A 45 minute presentation will have us to Questions and Answers circa 8:10, presumably leaving time at the end for the presenters to sell and sign books. I know Al has been telling our Show & Tell people to limit themselves to five minutes, and I want to reinforce that, as well. But we will start at 7:00 and we will adjourn no later than 8:30.

One last thing to pass along: The Civil War Institute of Gettysburg College is offering members of the Gettysburg CWRT a 15% discount on the 2020 Summer Conference, scheduled for June 12-18. The list of speakers and battlefield tours is extremely impressive. For a complete rundown, enter ‘Civil War Institute — Gettysburg College’ into your web browser.



March 26
Civil War Prison Camps
Bradley Gottfried


April 23
The Committee On the Conduct of the War
Mary Turk Meena


May 28
Manliness and Community in Confederate Camps
Dr. James Broomall


June 25 : July 2
Culp’s Hill Memorials
Richard Goedkoop


July 23: July 30
The Uses of the Battlefield in the 30’s and 40’s
Jared Frederick


August 27: Sept 3
The Other Side of East Cemetery Hill
Charles Fennell


September 24
Ewell's Corps in the Gettysburg Campaign
Robert Wynstra, Book Award Winner


October 22
Staff Officers and Their Impact on the Battle of Gettysburg
Douglas Douds


November 12
A Soldier and His Lady, Letters
Gene Barr


December 3
Holiday Banquet
Wayne Motts, subject TBD


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