Welcome to the Civil War Roundtable of Gettysburg. "The most important Roundtable, in the most important small town, at the most important battlefield, in the most important country in the world."

—Joe Mieczkowski, past president


July 27, 2017


Board Meeting Notes

Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable
Board Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2017

  • Called to Order: 6:30 p.m. at Perkins

Members present: Lynn Heller (President), Kendra Debany (Vice President), Linda Seamon ( Corresponding Secretary), Eleanor Bilz ( Recording Secretary) Ron Rock ( Nominating Committee & Award Chair), Larry Plymire (Book Committee), Roger Heller ( Program Committee)
Board Members: Dale Molina, Hilda Koontz, Fred Hawthorne. Linda Joswick ( Web Master) and Dave Joswick ( Newsletter).


Lynn welcomed back Fred Hawthorne, former President, Vice President, and most recently Secretary of the roundtable.
Lynn ran through a review of Agenda items from the last Board meeting:
- Our roundtable will donate $500.00 to “Save Historical Antietam Foundation” on our May field trip.
- Financial audit for 2016 completed. All in order. Budget on target. Treasurer’s report was passed out.
- Al Ferranto will be contact person for Show and Tell starting in September.
- Need for a designated laptop discussed. Hilda donated a laptop which is being checked out by Hank Seamon to see if it will meet our needs. Dave Joswick reported that he has one that we may be able to use. Roger will contact him if necessary.


  • Treasurer: Dave was not at the meeting but Lynn presented his report. We have a balance of
    $13, 260.64 from all funds, which includes funds for our upcoming trip.
  • Secretary: Linda said we have 182 members for 2017, including 67 lifetime members; thirty three former members from 2016 have not renewed and therefore, will no longer receive newsletters.
  • Programs: Roger said our May speaker is Dr. Brian Jordan, “Marching Home”. Our June “in the field” program will be presented by Sue Boardman who will conduct a tour on Culp’s Hill.
    Roger announced a switch in our July and August summer programs: July’s program will be the 12th New Hampshire presented by John Hoptak August will be Caitlin Kostic Brown, discussing Berdan’s Sharpshooters.
  • Field Trip: We will meet on May 20th at 7:30 a.m. at the Walmart parking lot.
    We are going to Antietam and Roger has contacted Tom Clemens, Chairman of the “Save Historical Antietam Foundation.” He will meet us at Antietam to receive a
    $500.00 donation from our roundtable.
  • Plaque Committee: Kendra is working on a number of applications. She ordered ten plaques at a cost of $933.00.
  • Book Committee: Larry and members are reading their books and had nothing further to report.
  • Cal Doucette Achievement Award: Ron announced that Barbara Finfrock will be the recipient and has been notified. The award will be presented in September.

Unfinished business: No unfinished business.

New Business:

  • Lynn suggested two projects for consideration for preservation donations:
    • Bill Hewitt has suggested making a contribution to NPS towards the construction of a trail from the Visitor’s Center to the George Spangler Farm. Fred Hawthorne raised the
      issue that the land might in fact belong to the Foundation and our donation could end up in the NPS general funds instead of used towards the trail. Lynn will investigate who indeed owns the land through which the trail will be built, before any donation is made.
    • Route 30 Mural preservations fund sought. An effort to preserve the art work at Gettysburg Shopping Center on West Street, as the paint is peeling. This is in the early stages and we are not sure if the work will actually take place. Further investigation is needed.
    • Roger made a motion to table consideration for donations to these two projects until more information is obtained. Ellie 2nd.
  • Lynn brought up the upcoming “Show and Tell” which will take place at our monthly meetings. It should last no longer than a couple of minutes; 5 minutes tops. All were in agreement.
  • Kendra brought up the fact that some believe that too much time is spent at the beginning of the meetings on business reports. It was decided that only those committee chairs with pertinent information to share will be called upon to make a report. Also the number of books for raffle will be reduced to save time.
  • A discussion also arose about changing the start time of the meetings. After discussion, Roger made a motion that refreshments will be ready at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m., starting in September. Ellie 2nd. and all voted approval. Kendra will announce this at the May meeting, and Lynn will announce at the 3 summer programs. It will be published in the July and September newsletters, and posted on the web page.
  • The term of President Heller’s was clarified: Lynn will serve for a 2 year term, with the option of renewing on a year to year basis for no more than a total of four years.
  • After some discussion on changing By-Laws regarding the term of of the Vice President, (from one year, renewable for one year,) to be up for discussion at the July meeting, proposing the Vice President will will serve a two year term with an option for renewal on a year to year basis for no more than a total of four years. This will sink up the President’s and Vice President’s terms of office. It will be announced at the September and October meetings and voted upon at the November meeting. It will be published in the November newsletter.


  • All business being covered, President Lynn Heller declared the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
  • The next meeting of the Board is July 13th at Perkins.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Cingire Bilz, Recording Secretary

Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable
Board Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2017

  • Called to Order: 6:30 p.m. at Perkins

Members Present: Lynn Heller, (President), Roger Heller (Program Chair), Linda Seamon (Correspondent Secretary), Dave Diner (Treasurer),
Eleanor Bilz (Recording Secretary).

Board Members: Dale Molina, Larry Plymire, Larry Korczyk (last meeting as Board member)

Al Ferranto, Guest


Lynn briefly reviewed business issues from last meeting.

  • PayPal was set up for field trip
  • Larry gave out book review guidelines


  • Treasurer- Dave passed out financial statement. We have balance of $13,097.47. Additional funds are due to monies deposited for our upcoming field trip.
  • Secretary- Linda said she emailed or called delinquent members. We have 90 paid members and just added 7 new members for a total of 97 paid members for 2017. We have 37 from 2016 who have not renewed their membership.
  • Recording Secretary: Ellie had nothing to report.
  • Programs- Roger handed out the speaker list for the remainder of 2017. All of them are confirmed save the October speaker. If he cannot do his talk due to work commitments, Roger has a back-up speaker. Roger mentioned that in considering speakers and topics, he wishes to hear not just about the battle, but about people. He also wishes to see more women speakers. For our summer speakers, he set up rain dates, due to a history of inclement weather at past summer meetings.
  • Plaque Committee- At the last meeting, Kendra said the cost of the plaques is $933 for 10 plaques plus a one-time charge of $85 to remake the mold which disintegrated over the years.
  • At that point, Dave suggested using the preservation fund monies for the plaques and then reimbursing the fund as the plaques are sold and a motion was made to table the discussion of whether is use the monies in the preservation fund to pay for the plaques. However, at this meeting, Dave said he and his wife decided to make a donation of $1,000 to cover the cost of the plaques. Larry made a motion to use income from the sale of the plaques to go into the preservation fund to be used for purchase of future plaques. Linda seconded the motion and it was passed by all.
  • Book Committee- Larry put together and distributed a guideline for the book award program. He has 11 books and possibly three more will be forthcoming. He has 10 readers in his committee. It was noted during this discussion that there may not be any more “witness wood” available for future trophies.
  • Cal Doucette Achievement Award-Ron was absent but there was nothing to report.
  • Nominating Committee- Ron was absent but Lynn announced that Chuck Teague put forth his name as President. Lynn suggests that we not announce Chuck’s name to the membership yet, in the hope that others may step forward for this position.

Unfinished Business:

  • Items listed on the agenda as unfinished business were mostly covered under the committee report section.
  • Lynn will put together an updated list of Committee Chairs and members for the President’s Binder.
  • As part of our field trip, $500.00 of the Preservation Fund monies will be used as a donation to the Save Historical Antietam Foundation.
  • Linda reported that the Audit Committee did a financial review of our books and complimented Dave on a fine job of keeping track of our finances. She provided a written report to Lynn and will give an oral report at the April meeting.

New Business:

  • Al Ferranto asked to address the Board. He proposed reinstating the Show and Tell portion of the meeting with a maximum of 10 minutes to discuss the item(s). He offered to be the contact for such requests and to put an ad in the Gettysburg Times. If there is no presenter for a particular meeting, Al will bring in items of interest that he possesses.
  • Roger brought up the need for updated equipment for our speakers. He purchased a new cable for the laptop and a remote for switching PowerPoint slides while speaking. He is absorbing the cost as a donation to the Roundtable. However, he mentioned the need for a designated laptop so that speakers need only bring a flash drive to our meetings.

A discussion followed on ways to achieve this. Purchase outright? Ask for monies to be donated? Ask for a used laptop in working condition? No decision was made at this time.

  • Roger mentioned that there might only be one seat left on the bus for our field trip.
  • At this time Lynn thanked all the Board members for their hard and dedicated work, and that it was a pleasure to work with them all for the past two years.

All business being covered, President Lynn Heller declared the meeting adjourned.

The next meeting of the Board is on May 11th at Perkins.


August 24
Caitlin Kostic Brown
Berdan’s Sharpshooters
(Rain Date: August 31st)


September 28
Back in the GAR Hall.
Refreshments at 6:30.




Gettysburg CWRT New Meeting Time in September

Beginning with our September meeting…a new starting time: Doors open at 6:30 PM for refreshments; meeting
begins at 7 PM.

Finfrock is Doucette Achievement Award winner

Barbara Finfrock’s 24 years of tireless labor have had a significant impact on making the Gettysburg National Military Park what it is today. For all her accomplishments, the Gettysburg Civil War Round Table would like to thank her by selecting Barbara as this year’s Cal Doucette Achievement Award winner.

The Cal Doucette Achievement Award, was created in memory of a CWRT Board member who felt that recognition should be given to honor people who do something special for the Park and for the study of Civil War history. Barbara has been doing something special for years, and although we will be presenting her with a plaque at our September 22 meeting, in reality (with apologies to General Sickles), the whole Battlefield is Barbara’s monument. Please try to attend. Read more...


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